Christian Bale And Christopher Nolan Reportedly NOT Re-Teaming For Warner Bros.’ JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie



Here’s some disappointing news for those hoping to see Christian Bale’s Batman return for the Justice League movie. Last month, Latino Review’s El Mayimbe reported that The Dark Knight Trilogy star was being lined up alongside Henry Cavill’s Superman to headline Warner Bros.’ DC Comics ensemble, with Christopher Nolan producing with Man Of Steel director Zack Snyder (who may even end up helming the superhero team up). This sounded too good to be true for many fans, and Nolan attaching his name to any project will be a near guarantee that it’ll be amazing. However, El Mayimbe recently went on the Schmoes Knows Movies podcast to offer an update on Justice League, and it isn’t good. According to the long-time reporter, Bale and Nolan will likely NOT be attached to the movie, as negotiations with the latter not going well. Nolan reportedly doesn’t want to see his Batman trilogy continued, and wants to leave it alone. There’s even disagreement over whether or not Man Of Steel will be connected to the superhero ensemble. With that in mind, WB is said to be focusing on a Man Of Steel sequel and will be pushing Justice League back some. However, Mayimbe is confident that the film WILL happen; the development has just hit a major bump. Especially with the studio waiting to see how Man Of Steel does before giving a greenlit, it’s practically impossible now to have Justice League come out by 2015. You can click HERE to listen to the podcast.


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