News Round-Up: IRON MAN 3 Runtime Confirmed, New MAN OF STEEL Trailer Coming Next Week & New Poster For THE WOLVERINE

Three smaller news pieces for the three big comic book movies coming out this summer. The official running time for Marvel’s Iron Man 3 has been confirmed, the highly anticipated second full trailer for Man Of Steel is finally coming next week, and a new international poster for The Wolverine is now online.


*A recent classification for Iron Man 3 has officially confirmed the threequel’s running time: 2 hours,  10 minutes and 22 seconds. This is four minutes longer than the first Iron Man‘s runtime and five more than Iron Man 2. It is also the second longest runtime for a Marvel Studios film, with The Avengers‘ 143 minutes taking the top spot. Iron Man 3 is set to hit theaters May 3rd. [BBFC]


*Various websites have classified the next trailer for Warner Bros.’ Man Of Steel, which will likely be attached to theatrical screenings of Oblivion starting April 19th. The running time for the second full length trailer is a whopping three minutes and five seconds. Sounds like those who have been dying to see more footage from the Zack Snyder-directed reboot are about to be filled. Stay tuned to CMN for the online premiere of the trailer. Man Of Steel is set to hit theaters June 14th. [Alberta Film Ratings]


*Finally, a new international poster for 20th Century Fox’s The Wolverine has been released, and it features Hugh Jackman’s Logan wielding a katana with his claws out. The one-sheets for the Japanese noir have been rather hit and miss Photoshop-wise, and this one isn’t any different. You can check out the poster below, and stay tuned for more news. The Wolverine is set to hit theaters July 26th. [IMP Awards]




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