Zack Snyder Talks MAN OF STEEL Running Time, Smallville, Potential Sequels And References To The DC Universe


The latest issue of Empire Magazine is now available, and it features plenty of Man Of Steel goodies. In the magazine, director Zack Snyder talks about a wide range of topics, including the “Battle of Smallville”, its likely running time, whether or not a trilogy is planned, and DC Universe references. Man Of Steel is set to hit theaters June 14th.

*Superman’s hometown will definitely face the wrath of General Zod (Michael Shannon) and his Kryptonian forces in what’s being called the “Battle of Smallville”. “It’s a Western face-off,” says Snyder. “[Zod and Faora and the rest of the Kryptonian invasion] care very little for Smallville’s iconographic status. We’re being really hard on the town: this battle needed to be dangerous.” As for other details, the scene (which is the first major conflict in the film) took nine days to film, and the major of Plano, Illinois (the city which is playing Smallville) will make a cameo as a bank teller.

*Many people have been wondering what the film’s running time will be, and it appears that the final cut (which Snyder calls the director’s cut) is two hours and ten minutes. Slightly shorter than what many expected, but this is a good running time. The director also talks about the decision to convert the movie to 3D. “It is just my humble opinion, but it is better than native now. By the way, we like to think that the 3D is just another way of seeing the movie. It is not Superman 3D, it is Man of Steel, available in 3D.”

*It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a Man Of Steel sequel would be made if the first film is a success (and it looks to be), but is it being  planned as a trilogy a la The Dark Knight Trilogy? Snyder weighs in, saying that a trilogy wasn’t designed, but one film is unlikely. “We didn’t design the movie like Batman [i.e. as a trilogy] but I don’t think anybody would say you design a Superman movie as a one-off.” 

*Finally, Snyder talks about potential references to the DC Universe, basically re-confirming that we’ll get something in the film. “I have been making references to the DC Universe, just to let you know that world is out there…” It was previously reported that Man Of Steel will likely kick off a DC Cinematic Universe, assuming that it’s as successful as it looks.



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