Which DC Comics Icon Will Be Referenced In MAN OF STEEL? Find Out Here


A few weeks ago, it was confirmed that Man Of Steel will indeed include references to other DC Comics characters, and if it’s as big of a hit as we’re anticipating, the Zack Snyder-directed reboot will kick off a DC Cinematic Universe. Which exact characters being referenced is unknown (though much speculation has pointed to Wonder Woman), but a new report suggests that a certain character will be the subject of at least two easter eggs in the film, despite having a movie released not too long ago. Obligatory spoiler warning for those who don’t want to know; in that case, stop reading right now. 





We previously saw the LexCorp building in the third Man Of Steel trailer, but it turns out that the Lex Luthor-fronted business will not be the only big one that will be referenced. That’s right, Gotham City’s Wayne Enterprises – owned by Bruce Wayne, the secret identity of Batman – will get a reference. Not only that, but a direct reference to the Caped Crusader himself will be made. However, this will definitely NOT be the same Batman that we saw in The Dark Knight Trilogy (where he was portrayed brilliantly by Christian Bale), but will be a new cinematic take on the character which will be used in the proposed DC Cinematic Universe. Hopefully, we can expect to see more DC Universe references when Man Of Steel opens June 14th. [Comic Book Therapy]



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